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YouTube has changed its ‘Partnership’ terms and conditions because of the certain amount of misuse of channels people or organisations are creating only to rip-off content from other users on the YouTube platform.

In the wild-west days that are only a few years old, if not days, when considering the recent changes on YouTube people could create a channel and re-upload videos that are popular onto their channel to get millions of views and likes without the hardship of creating original content themselves.

So in order to weed-out the creators from the snatchers individual videos need to have at least 10,000 views in order to be allowed to become a YouTube partner.

Becoming a partner on YouTube used to be about the time  you was on YouTube rather than the amount of views, likes and traffic, which YouTube would attach adverts whether videos before the creators video started or pop-up ones over the creators video, and also the adverts on the respective pages as well.

Advert revenue is worth billions to YouTube and their holding company Alphabet. It is worth hundreds and thousands, and in some cases millions in hard currency to successful creators on the YouTube platform.

Another point YouTube is making is that if people are passionate about making original content, they would do it for the love of it, rather than just thinking initially for the money of it.

Another interesting development is the content valve and quality that YouTube has sought sometime ago, but is reiterating this point and also making good quality content not just sensational and outrageous content, that attracts with very little effort a mass following, as well as millions of views and likes.    


“YouTube wants dedicated partners that love creating”