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Underworld are the original punk-electronic-warriors with another breakthrough album Barbara Barbara, We Face A Shining Future.

It does a different feel than the previous albums and singles Underworld have done in the past.

When you listen to first single release from the album I Exhale you kind of get into the rhythm, but you feel something is restraint in this track but the second single song If Rah gets you buzzing a little over halfway and towards the end, and its if the repeated Luna word is some kind of command to jettison into orbit!

Getting into the familiar world of the underground is Low Burn, oozing a nice house deep-pan beat, which soon giddy-ups in sound, with some spoken poetic words just underpinning into the background, as the synthesizers become more prominent, the beat and sounds vary as the track gets more adventurous.    

This is a nice surprise track Santiago Cuatro, which has an Arabic-Spanish guitar playing throughout to smooth the album out into a chilled-out section.

The follow through track Motorhome retains the chilled-out mood with electronic pots and pans sounds forming part of the percussive beat, with a subtle singing line that repeats with a few extra lines added as the track becomes more evolved with some strange Arabic windpipes looped in a fast tempo throughout, and then a simple piano and keyboard bass overlaying for the last part of the track.

There is a brighter feel to Ova Nova, and a more optimistic tone to the music, with the breathing in and out sound of the synthesizers giving it a pulse of life.   

Following on the previous track is Nylon Strung, once again a more happier feel to the music.

* Only on a special Japanese bonus edition features this deep beat heavy electronic spirited track Twenty Three Blue, with a dirty bass vibe, various electric guitar slices and a haunting echo on the vocal delivery.

Underworld reinvents the term breakthrough album twice over!”