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Making a film twenty years on from the first is what Trainspotting 2 is all about.

Has the twenty years later been kind to Spud (Ewen Bremner), Renton (Ewan McGregor), Sick Boy (Johnny Lee Miller), Begbie (Robert Carlyle), not to mention the babe Diane Coulston (Kelly MacDonald)?

Well the madness in Edinburgh, Scotland hasn’t calmed-down by the accounts of mad-dog Begbie still on the rampage, and wanting to settle old scores, well when he gets out of prison, that is!   

What is interesting apart from how each character has grown-up, but how Edinburgh has changed. While everything seems to have been gentrified, but the same old problems within each character hasn’t got any better, well not deep down.

It is another reminder of what have we all been doing with our lives is something that is going to be the focus on viewing this film - lets face it, twenty years!

Those that have been blessed to being too young to remember the first Trainspotting film released in 1996, will find it just as enjoyable but may need to watch the original film so that you’ll understand the plot line in T2.

Director Danny Boyle has done justice to the long awaited sequel, but it has been the best twenty years of a worthwhile wait!




“Trainspotting maybe twenty years later but the problems of the past are never spent!”