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The Stone Roses are back and what a taster for their comeback, the two singles All For One and Beautiful Thing!

The disagreements between the band members are well documented and we were never going to see this day where the original four members Ian Brown (Vocals) John Squire (Guitars) Mani (Bass) - Reni (Drums), was going to play again let alone release new music.

Anyway putting all of the troubles of the past behind them what have they released so far? Two singles while the album will be released in the summer of 2017.

Getting back and climbing to the top again is the ‘we’re back and together stronger’ All For One first single with an updated Stone Roses sound, though the lyrics are sparse it is probably by design to soak our surprise of the band actually releasing new music.  

The second single release is Beautiful Thing which sees the funky groovier Stone Roses side. The band sound tight with a variety of licks and riffs from John Squire, and the drums are more fuller, with nice bass making the sound even more expanded on the lower frequencies. Ian Brown vocals are in fine form and probably he’s been practicing like hell for this new coming from The Stone Roses.

Currently to drum-up more support for the release of the album in roughly four months, the group are doing a variety of live shows click here for dates, venue and tickets.

The Stone Roses long, if ‘never thought it was going to happen’ reemergence is very  exciting!