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You think that when you retire your life is the most stress-free period. Having spent most of your life working hard to build-up your wealth, buy your own house and raise your children as best as possible.

However this film The Golden Years paints a different picture, and sadly for many of the elderly this can be the most stressful and unhappiest time in their life.

But what is a big kick into the teeth is the injustice of when pension pots are raided by financial institutions and dodgy

business leaders, you get a sense that justice should be done and money lost shall be returned.

So when Arthur Goode (Bernard Hill) is naturally distressed about his pension losses and the fact that the golden years will become a nightmare, he thinks of ways of how he and his wife Martha (Virginia McKenna) is going to live for the rest of their lives.

He decides to rob a bank in order to get some sort of justice and personal satisfaction.

Though he plans what bank to rob and the best day to do it, he then rethinks his intended actions and decides that committing crime is not him.

Well a passing stroll with his trolley results in an unexpected sequence of events, which starts the ball rolling in the art of robbing banks.

You feel that justice feels good, especially when good old folks get dealt a worst hand, since they’ve worked hard and paid their taxes all of their life.

Watch to see this comedy develop, and you’ll be surprised if you like these elderly daylight robbers!




“Justice starts in mysterious ways, and ends  surprisingly well”