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Radiohead have released their ninth album A Moon Shaped Pool.

Radiohead’s journey from alternative rock to alternative conceptual artrock with their new album is clearly the current route the band are seeking with some nice touches in the sound and quality.

The singles from A Moon Shaped Pool is the violin heavy metal chugging riff that builds-up such tension in Burn the Witch, while Daydreaming seems to be dissipating energy in the form of reversed muffled vocals and sound effects to deflect attention.  

Decks Dark is a sort-off science fiction themed song with electronic bits and pieces moulded into the music, which gets more exciting towards the end of this track.

Getting slightly more folky with Desert Island Disk, that happens to be a BBC Radio programme and this would be first choice for the band if they or others were stranded with a handful of processions and music.  

You will notice the spelling mistake in the missing second l in this rocky track Ful Stop, which may be communicating to us that things are not quite over.

What can one see with Glass Eyes? Well maybe something different but the music starts so softly and smooth you’ll easily start to gaze, like you were looking through glass eyes.   

The echo sound in Identikit seems to be of some kind of prison situation where things echo in such ghastly places, but on the other hand it could be about how we view people or want them to behave or look.   

This is quite a funky tune in The Numbers that adds some spice to the album.

A strange beat to Present Tense gives this song an uneven parallel dimension to the shuffling sound, while the lyrics indicate the moving forward in life.

This is quite a mouthful and rather political in Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief.

In the last song True Love Waits you get a sense that the strangest of meetings or circumstances has pushed two people together for the most special of unions.

* Ill Wind and Spectre are available as bonus tracks on special edition formats.


“Radiohead have come-out with a new direction in A Moon Shaped Pool that is going to be a hit