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Facebook have released their third quarter results which have shocked the world because of the healthy revenue that Facebook has managed to earn.

A whopping $7.01bn in just three months [July - Sept. 2016] of last year. The biggest chunk of the 56% increase in revenue has been from advertising.

The increase of Facebook users using their mobile-phones to access Facebook hit 1bn people and helped to increase the advertising revenue, which accounted for 84% of the total Facebook income for the third quarter.

There are currently 1.79bn Facebook active account holders, which has grown each year by 16%. Cutting down the monthly mobile-phone users figures on Facebook has hit 1.18bn, a 17% increase.

The global revenue from Facebook is likely to hit $25.9bn for 2017, despite Facebook announcing that Facebook has hit maximum ad load on the [Facebook] platform.

Facebook is looking to increase the video platform, which has currently increased four-fold, and is the next area to help boost Facebook’s revenue in 2017. Already Facebook users look at 8bn videos daily, so the market is already in place.

Google is in top-spot when it comes to tapping the $70bn annual advertising revenue and Facebook comes in at second place. So the tug-of-war in gaining the multi-billion dollar advertising industry up-for-grabs revenue, will be fought in 2017 between Google and Facebook.


“Facebook are still squeezing revenue from advertising”