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Ernest and Ethel is the sweetest film about an ordinary couple who married in the late 1920’s and their journey through life decade by decade.

It is based on the parents of writer and illustrator Raymond Briggs (Father Christmas, Fungus the Bogeyman, Snowman) who released the book which this film is based on in 1999.

The film is very engaging and perfectly and poetically just tells the story of an ordinary couple who wanted to do the best they could in British life.

Ernest was a milkman and was a socialist who liked to keep abreast current affairs and progress whether politically or new technology, while Ethel was the opposite who took pride in their house and raising their only child Raymond.   

This film can be viewed by an age group and has historical merit, as what life was like for the ordinary man, woman and child growing-up in the last century where so much in terms of social upheaval and technological advancement took place.

Well worth the time in watching this film and you’ll be left with the satisfaction that the ordinary people in life are the ones who keep the world from really turning.    


“Ernest and Ethel is a film about an ordinary couple living through the decades of change”