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Clown Magazine presents our second podcast radio programme.


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The artists & bands that feature on our podcast radio programme are listed below with links

The Fabulous Miss Wendy - No One Can Stop Me

The Cheek of Her - Write Me A Letter

Will Momentum - To Be Continued

Sleepstream - The Sail of Mary Celeste

Glen Keys - Don’t Give A Funk

Vajra - Erode The Will

Our ‘Radio Experience’ podcast programmes will be available soon on iTunes, YouTube, & Soundcloud all for accessibility & enjoyment.

Please support independent artists & bands so they can continue to make great music for our entertainment.

We would like to thank the featured artists, bands and their respective record company for allowing us to use their recorded material as part of our podcast radio programme.



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Iain Hearfield - Red

The Panda Band - Spill Music Video