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All Saints fourth album Red Flag, is full of energy and they seem to be ready for the fightback into the market of pop music, where they once graced the pop music charts in the 1990’s.

The sound has moved on and the songs are more leaning to the reality of life, rather than the cupid songs of the past. In pop music this can be challenging as you want the new younger generation, as well as catering for your diehard followers that supported you in the younger heydays, which One Strike seems to be conveying.

One Woman Man is making it clear that while technology has made it easier for people to hook-up in many short intimate liaisons, there are still many women that just want one partner!

These songs on the album Make U Love Me, Who Hurt Who and Fear deal with agonising topics, but are all very real to each and everyone one of us, as we’ve all been burnt, hung and quartered by our fellow human being(s), even if it’s metaphorical.

Another song full of not-settling-for-anything, than what you expect, which is respect - This Is A War.

Isn’t love a fascinating thing? You can’t see it but the feelings are so strong that it has a powerful invisible energy that fills the lyrical content in Puppet on a String.

This track is full of BOOM - Ratchet Behaviour,  is a great collection of urban modern beats, and the lyrics hits a point in the way the youthful generation seem to interact these days.

A long intro with pattering on the knees until a burst of music and then it goes pretty much experimental, but in a way that fits their pop genre in Red Flag, that deals with fire, lust and naivety.  

This folky tune Summer Rain is one end of the spectrum while Tribal about the face of love, balances the other end with full of indigenous beats.

The last song Pieces is the classical embodiment of trying to reconcile a relationship, even if the person is that cut-up!

Comebacks are hard but All Saints seem to know what is needed to rebound and make their MARK!