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Vice Media has raised $500m from investors in order to expand and maintain there online presence with their bold, and pushing the boundaries with an alternative look at the world ranging from music, films, to current affairs, for this fast.....Click here


King games developer valued at $7.6bn   

Microsoft buys Minecraft for £1.5bn

Phones 4u in administration

Google buys drone maker Titan Aerospace  


Lenny Kravitz new album Strut has been a welcome surprise, and is his tenth album. The sound of the album is bright, modern and a vibe of hopeful optimism in life, even if a few of the tracks are less than positive. The first two tracks Sex........Click here



Fatboy Slim

Royal Blood    

Lana Del Rey  

Jack White   

Fury is about a tank crew headed by Don “Wardaddy” Collier played by Brad Pitt, in the last months of WWII in Germany. The Allies are pushing hard against the Nazis’ and there is no........Click here   

Despite the hostilities between the West and Russia over Ukraine at this moment in time, this shouldn’t dismay you from seeing this incredible film Gagarin: First in Space. The actors may not be household.......Click here



X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Transformers: Age of Extinction    

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes    

Guardians of the Galaxy

Red Dawn  

300: Rise of an Empire

Delivery Man   

Jersey Boys



Skipp Whitman is a unique artist as he seems to turn negative energy, and thoughts into a positive. Just take a look at the world. Is it really working? Is it a nice place? Not with all of the conflicts going on! But despite that Skipp comes up........Click here


Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5

Paper Airplanes



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Richie Syrett - Live From A Bathroom EP

Oleg Prodeus - 13 Album Release

Preachers Son - Come On Music Video

The Murf - Rendezvous Music Video

Peter & Kerry - Fucking Around Music Video

Deanna Brown - Good Life Music Video

Vajra Temple - Inside The Flame

Graph Rabbit - Comfortably Numb




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Live Show Review at The SCOOP


On Thursday 24th July 2014, was not only a perfect summers day, but The More London Festival was drawing to a close. However it didn’t end until a crop of bands signed to Right Recordings, held a live show to entertain the gathering crowds of people leaving their jobs after a days work, and the abundance of tourists that were sightseeing our glorious city, London.

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